In comparison to other cleaning products, we do not use chemicals that are harmful to you or the planet. Here’s what we exclude: harmful chemicals, pesticides, phosphate, optic brighteners, SLS/SLES, ammonia, petrochemicals, DEA, 1-4 dioxiaan, parabens, EDTA, triclosan and formaldehyde.

Yes. Both of our detergents passed the test. You can use low-temperature programmes on both your dishwasher and laundry machine.

Yep. Both are possible.

One jar is 550 ml. You need one spoon each time, both for your dishes and laundry. So ever jar is good for 33 loads. Watch our ‘how to’ videos, on how to use it:

Yes. We don’t use any chemicals to cover up the natural scent of the ingredients.

Not all our ingredients are organic. Simply because not all ingredients are eligible for an organic certification. We do select the purest from of ingredients possible.

Yes. We only use natural ingredients that biodegrade. Sea salt is the only ingredients that doesn’t fully biodegrade. Because it’s a natural ingredient, this doesn’t cause any harm. By choosing Zero, you make sure no harmful chemicals end up in our waterways. Why is that important? Because these chemicals can negatively impact the aquatic life.

Yes. We don’t see animals as test-objects. No animals are hurt in the process of making our products.

We only use natural ingredients. This means they are derived from or have an origin in natural sources (plants, fruits, the ocean, etc). Find the ingredients on each product page:

Yes. We don’t use any animal products or animal by-products in our detergents.



We use sustainable water-based ink. During the recycling process, this ink will fully dissolve during the heating process and no harmful gasses will be released.

We use recycled glass jars with recycled metal lid. This packaging is 100% recyclable and thus not up end in landfill.

We use recycled cardboard boxes and recycled paper labels using sustainable glue. All fully recyclable in paper recycling.